About us

Our company

Star color is a customer-oriented company, offering best quality products in style & innovation. We are specialized in third party manufacturing services: – OEM, ODM & brand building, committed into making your brands more successful.

We have our technical compliance and R&D division based in TAIWAN, which ensures the best product quality and innovation equipped with modern technologies.


Our mission is to make STAR COLOR COSMETICS the leading partner of all makeup brands, working side by side as a dynamic and flexible colleague, with the required flexibility to meet both small orders as much as the larger ones. we are not simply seeking to become the biggest company, but the best one to work with!


Our goal is to expand growth of the company by building strong and healthier relationship with the customers.

Manufacturing facility

The manufacturing plant occupies an area of 20000 square feet and is equipped with clean rooms whose controlled atmosphere is pre-programmed to prevent microbiological contamination and particles, constructed and operated to minimize the entry, production and retention of pollutants in those areas. All the equipment is state-of-the-art, with manufacturing capabilities to automatically process any kind of formulations.